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      Pioneer international plaza hotel apartment


      Yancheng city is located in the heart of armed forces and western business circle, can the quiet
      Surrounded by water, lean close python river, ChuanChang river, the river... ...
      From one thousand salt culture, buddhist culture, red culture
      The case to the ancient birthplace of yancheng business, today for the top of the city commercial

      The case for the country's first south for family tailor made 16 WanFangCheng synthesis of jiangsu province in the landmark building super-tall five-star hotels and grade a office, the west side of GuJie creative culture. The case will be dealt most exclusive business circle road commercial residential areas, for the "tomson vegetable yancheng.

      Building features:
      Elegant massiness-pay attention to style design, use multiple architrave, heavy construction top, stone material.
      Human nature-architrave, pole, porch, terraces, the balcony, the proper proportion and details the small size of the life of a delicate and exquisite.
      View the viewing Angle maximize-good, the open field of vision, the eye all around the beautiful scenery.
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